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October is upon us, and soon autumn will turn to winter and leave a white blanket over the city.
But before snow, some of us has been lucky enough to get a week of to do whatever we want.

Well, having returned to the middle sized town where I grew up, it seems like something is missing! Where are all the subways, all the people, even the concrete? I must say, having moved to the capital, you get used to the big city so easily. So when ones return home, it can get a bit quiet and still. Too still?

On the other hand, it's nice to have a week for relaxing and charging, for the colder months filled with assignments, tasks and work (Lot's of exciting and fun work too!).

This month you will find some great new music, videos and some fantastic photoshoots, all right here on Some Inspiration Maybe.
Also, make sure to check out the October playlist on Spotify, with a bunch of songs great for the month of October. Check it out right here


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


To promote this summers Rolling Road Show, wich is a outdoor movie theater that promotes movie classics like Jackie Brown and Rocky, artist Olly Moss has created nine amazingly orange new movie posters of the classics.
The poster titles includes well known pictures like The Godfather Part II, Convoy, RoboCop, Dirty Harry, On the Waterfront, The Blues Brothers, There Will Be Blood and, the mentioned ones, Jackie Brown and Rocky.
Which one is your favourite?


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